First Line Signer
The commitment to replace yourself is one of the most important decisions a Brother can make to ensure the future of his lodge.
Replacing yourself by recommending a new member and encouraging other brothers to do the same will have a significant impact toward increasing membership not only for your lodge but for Ohio Freemasonry as well.
As a first line signer on a Petition for Degrees you are eligible to receive the Replace Yourself Award ​once the candidate becomes a Master Mason.
The Lapel Pin
The custom designed lapel pin is truly one of a kind and those who  wear it should do so with pride knowing that they have made an important contribution to the future of their lodge and Ohio Freemasonry.
As Masons we wear many different pins.  However, this one is extraordinary in that it MUST BE earned.
The rules are simple...REPLACE YOURSELF and when your candidate becomes a Master Mason your lodge secretary will notify the Replace Yourself program chairman that you are entitled to receive the award.
Wear it with pride and tell others . . .